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MsPhatWonder- Thank you for joining my site. I appreciate the emails and the compliments. This ass belongs to all my members who join…inside I will dance nude, in very sexy lingerie, tight pants, dresses…whatever you want I will do it. I love to shake my soft big ass and I wish that you could grab a hand full so that you can see how soft this ass really is. You have to see my videos to believe how nice, big and round my ass is and notice my very small waist…. At the club when I make my booty talk like dem girls in that ‘Tip Drill’ rap video, the dudes go wild and just throw their money at me. I am 22 years old and I luv to have a good time and show off my sexy big ass and make it bounce.

Thank you again for joining and stay tune for more updates and a few visitors.

Luv U all!


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Big Booty Site.... Ass like whoa!!!
Nikki has one damn apple bottom on her... join to see more updates of this sexy fine hour glass model. Order your DVD today via mail. More updates are on the way plus a new model. Stay tuned.


Big Booty Site.... Ass like whoa!!!
See more of this big booty goddess in the member's area! So much class and too much will luv this update. Be sure to join us on twitter and face book or send us an email to request a model for your club and event.


Big Booty Site.... Ass like whoa!!!
My Goodness....SHE GOT A DONK! The updates are crazy...the video clips are amazing. See why this site is one of the best adult sites on the net. Sexy updates done on a weekly basis. Join today...also follow us on Twitter.


Request this model...she available. Nice big round and brown.
Damn, Nikki has a very round bubble booty on her. And she is wearing those very sexy boots...WHOA! Notice the sexy curves on her. You can set a drink on dat...a six pack. Join to check out the video.


This slim sexy girl has a very nice phat bubble booty on her. Filming dis model was interesting because she is so slim but was able to dance so sexy and fully use dat amazing onion. HOTT!


This is a oldie but goodie... Msphatwonder in jeans. Looks like she has a midget in her pants. Crazy! We have video footage in the member's area. Join to see how crazy dat booty really is.



Big booty, Booty, sexy females...we have it.
Chck it out! We've added updates of Sexy Toni in the member's area. Join to updates... the video and photo shoot was off the chain. More updates of Toni are on the way. Thanks for all of your support.


Look at that! That ass is so sexy, she has a bubble on her. During the shoot, it was hard to postion her because her booty couldn't fit on the was so crazy. Join to see more.


This model is going wet and wild in this very sexy hot tub shoot. Join to also see the video version....too hot for tv.


Damn! Join and see how amazing Toni's body is. We oiled her up for this shoot...thats why she looks so shinny. The video is so HOTT! Join to see her and much much more.


All we can say is WOW! (...and a few other things) She is just supa thick. These pictures do no justice...the high definition video clips seems to make her ass even larger...but whos complaining. join to see for yourself.


We truely don't understand where they get it from....all that ass she has is just wrong. Join to see her pictures and her amazing video shoot. Also, let us know if you have any suggestions on what you would like for her to do...nothing crazy please. The ass is bananas...join to see more.


Big Booty Site.... Ass like whoa!!!
If we had a dolla for everytime we said DAMN during this shoot...we would be broke. This ass that she has is supa crazy. Pictures and videos are in the member's area. Join to see what she can do with all that junk in the trunk.


This shoot was extremely sexy...we had to oil up all of her sexy curves and it was so amazing to see a girl with so many curves and ass. This was a request that one of our members requested...they said that they wanted to see that ass oiled up. So we hope that we satisfied his wishes.


This shoot was a lot of fun to do...afterwards she turned up the radio and just started dancing. It's nothing like a fine chocolate female in front of a white back drop. She stands out so good. The video is luvly because she just holds on to the stool and just bounces that phat ass....join to see more.


This was a very sexy shoot. She has one of the biggest booties we have ever seen. She says she works out but we think all the food just goes down to her phat ass.




This one was funny...the photographer actually fell looking at that phat round massive ass! He needed to take a break. But once it was all done...the shoot was extremely sexy. With thousands of members I'm sure they would all agree. Now the video is in a category of it's own...VERY SEXY. Join to see those booty cheeks bounce for yourself.


When she stood on that ladder for this shoot, we've never seen an ass so big an so high up. It was almost like looking at our own personal moon. It's bad luck to stand in front of a ladder but that ass will cause you to forget everything. To all of our members, thanks for the emails and support. There is much more to come.


The one who help start it all. So round, so brown, Msphatwonder's ass is just out of this world. We have tons of her video in the member's area. Her video is the one that you were salivating over under 'Sample Video' above. Join to see all of her videos.


Supa hott! Now remember, when you join we have tons of other girls with ass who is just as big as Toni's or even bigger...we just can't put it all on one site. This update was so much fun...she is sexy, thick and she can dance. Join and enjoy!


We had MsWonder put on this very tight all in one outfit to fully capture the curves that this girl have. And wait til you see the will fall completely in luv. Join to see her money maker go banannas.


Another oldie but goodie....Videos of the original MsPhatwonder shaking that sexy ass for your viewing pleasure.


We had MsWonder put on this very tight all in one outfit to fully capture the curves that this girl have. And wait til you see the will fall completely in luv. Join to see her money maker go banannas.


We had MsWonder wear these sexy tights and shake that ass on this outside photo shoot. HOTT!


Really? Need we say more? Just join man, damn. lol. Seriously...she's nice...the ass is too. See why she is the queen of booty shakin.


Here's another big booty classic with the original Msphatwonder. Notice the booty to waist ratio...nice! We have tons of updates of this big booty queen...join to see more videos and pictures of her today.


Here kitty Cat... She is one sexy big cat. We wanted to do a shoot with this tight dress so that our visitors can see how big and round her ass is...boy was this sexy. Join to also see her amazing video clip which was filmed in HD for your viewing pleasure.


We attempted to measure Toni's ass but she got tangled up in it so we just decided to do a shoot with was so hard to wrap that tape around her big huge round ass. We let her do the video shoot with it and it was very HOTT! Check it out.


Wobble Wobble is all this girl's booty speak. It has a language of it's own. She is the OG of booty shakin! Join and enjoy.


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